Wakodahatchee Wetlands, FL

Wakodahatchee Wetlands is not the largest of these wetland preserves, but this is where I’ve seen the most wildlife. Waka (as we call it) is located on Jog Rd in Delray Beach, FL, a mere 7ish minutes from Green Cay Wetlands. There is a almost-a-mile long boardwalk trail that loops around the ponds, marshes, and trees. Pond apples galore. Lotsa gators and birds.

A few gazebos along the boardwalk offer respite from the blazing sun and views of the cute “bird islands”, which are basically just clusters of trees on little islands where loads of birds chill out. You’ll see all the big ass birds posted up together here, and depending upon the time of year you can see babies. When we went last week we saw quite a few nests with fluffy baby egrets.


The craziest thing I’ve seen at Waka was an alligator eating a turtle. Not that it’s a crazy occurrence, but I’ve never seen a gator do much except swim or bask. I watched this guy holding a poor turt in his mouth for at least a good 20 min before he threw his head back and starting swallowing. Some real circle of life shit. RIP.



We stop by Waka whenever we’re in the area because it’s a true local treasure. Never know what you might see.











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