Blue Spring State Park, Orange, FL (summer)

Blue Spring is one of the places in Florida I’ve been to that’s cool throughout the year. In the winter you can view hundreds of manatees chilling hard. Around April it’s filled with fireflies at night. During the summer it’s fun to swim in the water, rent tubes, and stroll along the boardwalk, which is what we did during this particular visit. There are also campgrounds, cabins, boat trips, and canoe and kayak rentals but I haven’t done any of that yet.

The water at Blue Spring is perfectly clear and chilly at about 70 degrees year-round. Scuba divers can dive at the book and explore the underwater cave but that shit looks scary as hell to me. Plus I’m not scuba certified (as of now) so we snorkeled and galavanted. It can be somewhat busy since it’s so awesome, but even on a peak summer’s day it wasn’t overcrowded and we had plenty of opportunity to float around and be fools.
Blue Spring State Park










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