Kayaking in Rookery Bay, Naples, FL

I came across Up a Creek Kayak tours by googling “sunset paddling in south Florida.” This was a great find and a beautiful kayak tour. We did the full moon paddle in November, and the weather was perfect. We met at a small put-out that is part of the water trail system and kayaked for 2.5 hours.

This is a preserve so there is no boat traffic, city noise, or sound pollution. Dolphins swam around us, snapping shrimp clicked like crazy, we passed an oyster bar, and many birds make their home here. It’s s rookery for those guys, so yea there are tons of birds.

The cool part about the full moon tour is that we paddled out during daylight then relaxed in the ridiculously calm, smooth water as the sun set to our left and the moon rise to our right. There was an island directly in front of us to which hundreds of birds were flying in for the night. It was amazing.

We paddled back with the light of the full moon, then when we got back to the lagoon where we started we saw bioluminescent comb jellies in the water. This means they were swimming around all cute and lit up neon. I thought bioluminescence in south Florida was something if only come across in the summer, so this was a very tight and unexpected end to the tour.

I haven’t had a chance to explore around Rookery Bay aside from this tour, but I saw an area where there’s a nature center, aquarium, and trails. I definitely plan to go back and highly recommend Up a Creek Kayak. The guides were perfect and fist bumped us. Their goal was to help us find suck chill spots and appreciate our surroundings, not to rush through a tour or be a stiff human informational pamphlets. I liked it so much I’m doing it again next month, different day different sunset.

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