Secret Woods Nature Center – Dania Beach, FL 

I found this park while meandering around the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, FL. I looked at my google map for green chunks of space and saw that Secret Woods was nearby. Figured I better peep that shit, could be cute as hell. 

When you first walk in you see the butterfly garden to the right and the interpretive center and other buildings to the left. The butterfly garden is a nice loop trail with all kinds of plants and shit tons of these things fluttering around. The interpretive center is the usual educational things, bones and “feel me, guess what I am” kinds of displays. I like that stuff. It’s intended for children but whatever bro this bitch likes to learn too. 

The other two trails are nice, relaxing walks through the hammock. Fiddler crabs are all over the place. I’ve never seen so many crabs. It was quite a sight to see them all go into their holes in the mud as we walked along and waved our arms like orangutans. It’s like when the birds move in unison one step ahead of you as you stroll along the beach. Apparently they feel the vibration of our presence so they’re always one jump ahead of the bread line. One swing ahead of the sword. 

One of the trails leads out to the New River so you can check out the fish, boats, and manatees during the winter. We spotted birds, squirrels, and lizards. The usual suspects. It was nicer than usual, though, because it was so quiet. For a Saturday afternoon there were very few people so we were able to actually take our time and enjoy listening to the water trickling, the wind in the trees, the squirrels scurrying, the leaves dropping. It was pretty dry yesterday so there wasn’t much water in the hammock, but evidence suggests that it flows freely in the wet season. Would go again during different times of year to see the changes in the ecosystems. Load up on deet. Link:

Secret Woods Nature Center Broward County

Butterfly Garden:

The two main trails:

Laurel Oak Trail:

Strangler fig:

Fiddler crab on Boardwalk made of reclaimed materials:

New River Trail:

Interpretive Center:


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