Turtlefest 2015 – Loggerhead Marinelife Center – Juno Beach, FL

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is located on US-1 next to Juno Dunes Natural Area. It’s a non-profit marine education and ocean conservation center focusing on sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation. This is a green-certified facility and one of the newer and nicer rehab centers that I’ve seen. When you enter the building, there’s a welcome desk in the center, a room to the right with aquariums and educational displays, and a store to the left. Through the back door are the tanks, the turts, the vet, the pavilion, and the nature trail that leads to the beach. Bunch of shit. The coolest part is walking around the turtle tanks to see the current patients and read their stories about how they got there and the plan to prepare them for eventual release. 

Link: Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Archelon replica (now extinct):

The tanks:


TurtleFest is a free annual event that Loggerhead puts on to promote conservation and increase public awareness. The rear of the facility was turned into a fair with vendors, artists, food tents, games, and informational booths. My favorite booths were the ones designed for small children to learn about all that reduce reuse recycle shit and feel skulls and skins. I picked up a few flyers about upcoming beach cleanups and other feel-good beach activities. 

They also had a stage with presentations and musical acts throughout the day. A dude from Treasure Coast Wildlife did a wildlife demonstration, meaning he schooled us about alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and turtles, and walked around with creatures for the audience to cautiously molest them. Overall it was a nice event. They offered a free shuttle with nearby parking, of which we definitely took advantage because people are idiots and can’t figure out a parking lot. 

I’m a fan of this facility and like the beach area behind it. When the rehabilitated turtles are ready to be released they take them right down to that beach, and if the release is open to the public it’s a sight to see. This is a chill spot to marvel at big ass reptiles. 

My boyfriend enjoyed himself.


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