Pondhawk Natural Area – Boca Raton, FL

A gem of a natural area located next to the Boca Library on Spanish River Blvd. Park in the library parking lot next to Blue Lake and follow the paved path across the bridge to enter the wilderness. I mean it’s not very wild, but it’s a nice ass spot.

There are about 3 miles of paved trails around the lake and through the habitats, as well as weaving natural paths suited for a meander. At one point we passed a spot that looked as though it could be a tight pond when the water level is high, but on this day it was pretty dry. Still saw ducks and a bunch of dragonflies. The dang place is named after a dragonfly for crying out loud. We wandered for awhile until I had to go to the bathroom and hauled ass to the nearest gas station for relief. I will go back and venture through more  paths, especially since it’s close to Boomers, the movies, and my love interest’s house. 

Link: Pondhawk Natural Area


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