Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center – Stuart, FL 


I pulled off a doozy with this one. As a surprise for my current love interest, I planned a day trip to Stuart to go to the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center then explore around the town since I read that they have some shit going on downtown that would appeal to a youngish couple having a stupid romantic day together. The coastal center is a winner and quite organized with several demonstrations by volunteers to school youths and ignorant adults. Their goals are education and coastal restoration projects so I’m into it. 

The coastal center is definitely geared toward children but I don’t give a hoot. I love laughing at kids when they get scared by marine life. My favorite activity was the ray feeding because I cut all the kids in line to grab some shrimp so that we could feel the rays sucking them out of our fingers like they’re trying to blow a microdick. 

After the Ray feeding, we watched demonstrations about the game fish lagoon filled with big ass tarpon, nurse sharks, and other creatures. I don’t normally get hyped on nurse sharks but these things were large and in charge. There was also a sea turtle demonstration that allowed me to show that I’m smarter than the children because I could answer the trivia questions about the lives and habitats of turts as the kids were looking around and flailing their arms as kids do. 

The coastal center also boasts a pretty dang nice nature trail that weaves through the hammock and along the Indian River Lagoon. 

We are the annoying people that take a picture of themselves making out in front of a manatee sculpture.

Would go again. Would recommend. 

Link: Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

Turns out there are some museums and cultural things to do in this area. We opted to head downtown and eat in the harbor, watch middle aged white women dance horribly to live music at the riverfront, and stroll along the boardwalk trail on the St. Lucie River. Hell of a day. 

Link: Stuart Riverwalk and Outdoor Concerts