Snyder Park – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Snyder park is worth it for the dog lake. I got to see my sweet little Henry swim around like an otter.    There’s a regular dog park area as well as the dog lake. When you go deeper into the park you’ll find some trails, picnic areas, a disc golf course, and the usual park stuff like playgrounds and pavilions. It appears to be a nice, clean park, but I spent the majority of my time watching the dogs playing at the lake. It’s gated so you can let your pup roam free, but there’s a gap at the bottom so small dogs, such as mine, can go under. Be aware and cautious. I’m too nervous to just let Henry play with strangers all willy nilly so I only feel comfortable going to places like this at odd times when it’s dead. This shit is adorable. 

          Henry looks terrified but he’s just swimming with purpose. Gotdamn that’s a cute dog. 

More information about location and amenities are on the Snyder Park Website. Would go again. Would make a special trip. 


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