Harmony Headlands – San Luis Obispo County, CA

This is one of my favorite trails along the central California coast. It’s located on Highway 1 between Cayucos and Cambria. A small sign can be seen from the road for the small parking area that can hold maybe 8 cars. We ended up parking on a turnout just before the lot. The trail is about 4-5 miles long, with one fork in the path about 1/2 mile in leading to an old ranch house and a porta-potty.


I’ve done this trail twice and have seen maybe 10 othe people on it collectively. It’s very quiet and peaceful. You will be walking through the hills to the bluffs along the coast. The trail starts as a dirt road through ranch land…


…until you reach the final curve leading to the ocean views. 


Once we were at the ocean we were able to climb on the rocks and stroll along the top of the bluff to look out over the shimmering ocean. Humpback whales were breaching, otters were playing and cracking shells with rocks on their bellies, birds were flying against the sky. The ocean breeze was refreshing even at 3pm with the sun directly overhead on an open dirt trail. We spent several hours hiking the trail and exploring along the bluffs. 


Fun ass shit. 


Harmony Headlands State Park
Harmony Headlands Trail Guide



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