Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse – Jupiter, FL

I never gave lighthouses a second thought until I moved to Florida, but now I can’t escape the thrill of a fresnel lens.

Florida has a bunch of lighthouses, a handful of which you can climb. Each one has a unique look and story about the cultural and natural history of the area, the technology used to build and improve the lighthouses, life of the light keepers, and conservation efforts. It’s a pretty cool feeling to walk up those spiral staircases and she in the views and breeze once you get to the top.

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is located in Jupiter off of A1A, near the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area. Parking is free which is nice for a change. The WWII Naval Housing building next to the parking lot has been restored and is the site of the lighthouse museum and gift shop. To take a tour of the lighthouse and grounds, purchase a $10 ticket from the gift shop. They’ll give you a colored sticker to wear, which corresponds to your group.

There is water access in front of the building and some grass so people dip their toes in the water, watch boats, paddle board, and picnic here as well.

The tour starts at the gate leading to the lighthouse and takes you along a path with different stops to talk about historical shit and Seminole life. 

The best part is standing at the top and looking down at the boats and tropical water leading out to the ocean.

I don’t need to do the tour a million times, but it’s a nice, cheap, interesting thing to do. I’d like to climb all of the Florida lighthouses someday. I’ve learned a lot about how life used to be from these lighthouse tours and have been reminded about human brutality, as is depicted in this painting in the museum:



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