Camping in Highlands Hammock State Park – Sebring, FL

I took my current love interest here to camp for the first time in his life. I was shocked and disgusted to learn that he had never camped before; luckily we easily remedied this catastrophe with a weekend getaway to Highlands Hammock State Park. This is one of my dad’s favorite Florida campgrounds, plus it has trails inside the park, showers, electricity, and flush toilets so it was just the right amount of comfortable.

The campground itself was somewhat cramped, to be honest. I reserved a spot online at Reserve America that was along the edge in a tent-only area, so thankfully we weren’t flanked by RVs, but there was still little separation between the sites. It also happened to be a busy weekend near a holiday. My dad says that he has been there on off-days and non-holidays weekends when the campground was deserted and that it is much more serene and isolated during those times. Our neighbors kept to themselves so our site was nearly perfect.

Because we had electric access at our site we were able to plug in our skillet and easily cook a ridiculously huge breakfast, then cooked over the fire for dinner that night.

During the day we rode our bikes along the road that loops through the park, stopping at different trails along the way.

Florida is full of boardwalk trails, but the boardwalks at this park were unique, minimalist, winding paths that took us into some real shit.

The trails were very quiet with few people despite the crowd at the campground, so this left us plenty of opportunities for cute photos of ourselves being lovable.

And for my current love interest to pick and eat a wild orange, which he quickly learned doesn’t taste anything like the sweet navels at Publix.

Deer are often spotted in the fields at dawn and dusk. Bears are also common here. Keep food closed up due to bears and raccoons. There were raccoons scampering around the tents at night not giving a hoot about anyone. In the middle of the night a pair of raccoons opened our cooler and stole a package of bacon. I helplessly watched them do it from my tent window. 

Would go again. Would make special trip. 

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