Vizcaya Museum and Gardens – Miami, FL 


Ornate gardens, all perfectly landscaped. A lavish European-palace inspired home. People taking photos. Provocative sculptures. That’s Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in a nutshell.

The mistake we made was going in the middle of a summer day. That shit was excruciatingly hot. I dunked my head into one of the fountains in an attempt to find temporary respite from the unforgiving sun. If it was a cooler day we may have strolled at a more leisurely pace, but this was one of those days where I pulled my pants down to pee and couldn’t get them back up over my sticky legs. 

All in all, it was an interesting self-guided tour with a lot of intricate architectural details. The gardens were expansive, with each area representing a different style. It would be beautiful when all the flowers are blooming and the water is flowing, although I must admit that meticulously manicured plants aren’t as appealing to me as a lush, natural area. Nonetheless, it’s a Miami landmark with many intricacies and is worth a visit at least once. 

There’s a story for each element of the home and outdoor area, which you learn more about as you tour the property.

Might go again, but only in the winter.