Shy Wolf Sanctuary – Naples, FL

This place is my shit. Shy Wolf Sanctuary is a refuge for wolves, wolf-dogs, and other abandoned or neglected animals such as cougars, fennec foxes, arctic foxes, prairie dogs, bobcats, and others. It’s privately owned on a large residential-style property; to get in you call ahead or make a reservation online then ring a bell at the side gate after you park in the driveway. They allow only one small group of about up to 12 people per day to take the tour, which is led by a volunteer around the property and into some of the wolf enclosures. It’s bad ass.

The thing I like most about Shy Wolf is that it’s not-for-profit with the focus entirely on the animals’ well being. The property is lush, the enclosures are large, and the volunteers are passionate as hell. They truly have bonds developed with the animals and understand the individual personalities. The tour is completely free, but donations are accepted. You’re a heartless person if you go and don’t donate something, even $5. These types of places are better than any zoo and it makes you feel good to help their cause and be a part of the feeding and health care even in the smallest way. Look at this arctic fox’s face for fuck’s sake:

The tour starts with some information about the place, the plight of wolves, and educational stuff. Then you start working your way around the property to learn the stories of the inhabitants and interact with a few whose temperaments allow it.

Quite a few of these wolves love attention and  butt scratches as much as your everyday chihuahua.

The cats are chillin. They’re not pacing and stressed out, which is what you’ll often see in shithole zoos and “sanctuaries” that purchase animals for show.

I’ve been to Shy Wolf three times because it’s filled with love and I like to bring people there to experience it. Usually I’ll do the tour here in the morning then explore around someplace like Tigertail BeachRookery BayNaples PierDelnor-Wiggins Pass, or Naples Botanical Garden before heading over to the beach to watch the sunset. 

I will go again. Would make a special trip. 


Shy Wold Education and Experience Center

Shy Wolf on Trip Advisor

Explore Shy Wolf Sanctuary


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