Woodmont Natural Area – Tamarac, FL

A 22-acre natural area in Broward County with about 1/2 mile of trail, perfect for a short respite from life in the Tam. This place is 3 miles from my house so I use it when I just need to get out of the house for a minute or for jogging laps. The jogging is awful and torturous but the park is always quiet except for the birds chirping and the wind passing through the trees. The park is in a residential neighborhood away from the nearest main road, McNab, so there’s little traffic noise. 

Doesn’t look like much on the outside. The inside is half paved walkway and half boardwalk.

The entrance to the left goes into the wooded area, while the path to the right goes along s canal and leads to the boardwalk. The whole thing is a loop.

As far as wildlife goes, I’ve seen birds, lizards, squirrels, and butterflies. There are foxes, woodpeckers, and owls in there somewhere. The paved area is mostly shaded due to the abundance of slash pines, and the boardwalk section stays cool under the swamp cypress. 


Florida Hikes – Woodmont

Woodmont Natural Area


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