Tall Cypress Natural Area – Coral Springs, FL

A 66-acre oasis with a 1/2 mile Boardwalk ideal for a Sunday afternoon stroll. My current love interest and I stopped here after a large meal when we knew we had to walk for a bit or we’d lay down and explode. It’s not a day trip, but it’s a nice boardwalk trail. 


We came on an overcast day with some drizzles so there wasn’t much wildlife out, but there are birds, raccoons, armadillo, lizards…all the usual south Florida residents. Lots of bird watching happens beneath this canopy of cypress trees and slash pines. The area is very lush, too lush to traverse on foot without the boardwalk. 

Boardwalk trail


Greenery and gazebo


I’d recommend a stop here when searching for somewhere local to enjoy a walk outside. Located in Coral Springs near the intersection of Sample Rd and 441. 


Tall Cypress Natural Area
Tall Cypress on Florida Hikes
Tall Cypress on Trip Advisor


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