Manatee Observation and Education Center – Fort Pierce, FL 

This is a place to learn about manatees and view them from the observation deck overlooking the Indian River Lagoon and Fort Pierce marina. There are no captive animals here and this is not a rehabilitation center so there are no residents or patients; rather, it’s a low-key facility you’d visit to gain some knowledge and hopefully see some cute little nostrils poking up from the water. All of the manatees that live around here are wild so they come and go on their own terms. 

manatee center on the indian river

There’s a covered walkway along the marina, an observation tower, a riverwalk along the lagoon, and a bridge. All of these places are typical spots for seeing many tees. These areas are all free- free parking at the center and free access to roam around.

fort pierce marina


observation breezeway



The center itself is where the learning really happens. There’s a touch tank, manager bones, aquariums, and educational activities for the tots. It costs $1.00 to get in and is primarily run by volunteers. 

gon learn today

swimming with manatees

bottom left: steller’s sea cow. Up to 30 ft long and extinct

urchin, shrimps, crabs, and other critters


billy the baby tee

It’s not a huge place, but I enjoyed myself. If I got knocked up I’d take the kid for a visit. I support any place that promotes respect for nature and its inhabitants.

From here, we grabbed gelato, coffee, and a panini at riverfront Uncle Carlo’s Gelato then stopped at Walton Scrub Preserve for a nice stroll before dusk. Not too shabby of a day.


Manatee Observation and Education Center
The Manatee Center on Trip Advisor


2 thoughts on “Manatee Observation and Education Center – Fort Pierce, FL 

  1. This sounds great! Two years back when we visited Florida we went to the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Centre and that was also really great. The manatees come there in the winter as the water the station discharges back in the canal is warm (and clean).

    • I’ve never been over there but I heard it’s a great place to see them! Thanks 🙂 The Manatee Park in Fort Myers is across from FIorida Power and Light and sounds similar to the place you described.

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