Walton Scrub Preserve – Fort Pierce, FL


This place was a heck of a find. My current love interest and I were headed south on Indian River Road out of downtown Fort Pierce with a plan to check out Savannas Preserve State Park. As we got closer we realized we wouldn’t make it before they closed and nearly gave up our search for a hike when we happened across Walton Scrub Preserve. It was deserted, quiet, free, and adjacent to Savannas Preserve so the trails are similar. 

entrance and parking area

We were delighted to discover that there is an interpretive trail. Our new hobby is being the people who follow the guide and read about the features of the parks we visit. It makes a trail that may look like sand and weeds upon first glance come alive with knowledge. 



trail map


my interpreter


Although we didn’t see any wildlife, we saw plenty of tracks and interesting plants. 

reindeer moss (lichen)


swiss cheese plant


unknown flowers that felt like plastic bubbles


big ass wild pineapple along the side of the path


trail trees


Train tracks run along the west side of the preserve. Savannas Preserve is directly across from the tracks, and a few steps to the right of this point is where my fella dug and hole and took an emergency dump. 

a view of savannas preserve state park beyond the tracks


Neither of us wanted me present while the drop took place, so I wandered off and snapped some photos. 

“they were cones”


the rust- colored underside of hickory tree leaves


nature reclaiming shit


After completing the 1/2 mile trail, we walked across the street and climbed down to the Inian River Lagoon so that this guy could strip down and wash his butthole. 

naked and afraid


Walton Scrub Preserve Interpretive Map

Walton Scrub Preserve 

26.366010 -80.206741