Rock Springs Run at Kelly Park, Apopka, FL

 My favorite swimmable spring that I’ve encountered so far. Beautiful 68 degree water, natural setting…Simply delightful. On my most recent visit I saw an otter stretching and sunning itself so now I know what heaven feels like.


I’ve been here several times now, with each time feeling just as invigorating as the first. I’ve since purchases my own tubes, but initially we rented them from Rock Springs Bar & Grill, which is located down the street from the park. Once in the park, there are plenty of picnic areas, concession, trails, a main swimming area, and the head of the spring. Follow the signs saying “Head of Spring” to arrive at the best area to start the journey. There’s a cave entrance and a trailhead over here as well.


walkway to head of spring


water access


You’ll float through the mangroves, under a bridge, past the main swimming area, and through the trees before arriving at the end of the accessible run. From there, walk up the bridge and follow the path back to the head of the spring to relive the adventure. We did it about three times. 



i havent seen any alligators yet…


cave entrance


deepest area of the run


mangrove waterways


the end of the float


blue heron flying overhead

The park also has multiple dirt and stone trails and a tight campground. The sites are spacious, each with water and electricity. Showers were clean. Wild turkeys running around like fools. Owls and Hawks flying around. Some dude named Willy who worked there brought firewood and built a fire for us our first morning. He’s a gentleman and a scholar. I would absolutely camp here again.

One extra good feature- campground check-in is 8am and check-out is 2pm, which is probably the best hours I’ve seen. 






part of our site


homemade vegetable stew and checkers


site is set back away from the road


Our last morning here, my current love interest and I woke up, made breakfast by the fire, the took a 2 hour nap before heading to Wawa. It was one of the most relaxing mornings of my life.

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