Fruit and Spice Park – Homestead, FL


A hop, skip, and a jump from the entrance to Everglades National Park lies this charming botanical garden. I stopped here on my way home from camping in the Everglades while looking to see what hidden gems I may have missed in the area. It’s pretty cheap at $8 per person, which includes a tram tour throughout the grounds. There are hundreds upon hundreds of varieties of fruit and spice trees and plants. The most important thing about this day is I learned I like mulberries. 


riding through the banana tree forest

You enter through the visitor’s center, where there’s a constant variety of fruits to sample. This is where the mulberry education began. One unique feature of this park is that you are welcome and encouraged to forage. The trees are labeled so you can identify as you meander. You can eat anything that you find on the ground, so you bet your butt cheeks I foraged in the mulberry grove. 





I definitely recommend riding the tram. The staff was knowledgable and pointed out things about the fruits and spices that I never would’ve known. We also were given opportunities to stop to taste, touch, and smell different plants. 

crushed the leaves for a tantalizing lemon scent and rubbed the berry on our lips for an enticing natural lipstick

One heck of an endearing experience.

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