Fossil Hunting in Peace River -Arcadia, FL

Upon first glance Peace River doesn’t seem like the kind of water you want to jump balls deep into. Murky with alligators…yikes. Here, though, it’s worth it. The alligators don’t give a hoot about you, and spending some time sifting through the gravel banks of the river yields some exciting rewards.

We rented kayaks at canoe outpost for a four-hour trip down the river. The price included the shuttle bus upriver.

We took our time paddling and stopping to sift along the way. Look for shallow, gravel areas along the sides where you can sit and sift.

My tactic was to make a big ass gravel pile and finger through it. Altogether we ended up finding over 100 teeth and fossil fragments. I found a glass bottle along the way and filled it with my treasures. It smelled like shit, better to bring your own.

I ended up finding: a camel tooth, many shark, dolphin, sting ray, and barracuda teeth, a few claws, and some bone fragments that I have yet to identify.

I will most certainly be returning again. The best times to go are when the river is low, which is typically the spring months of March through May. There are several canoe/kayak rental spots and a campground along Peace River. I recommend.


Peace River Canoe Outpost
Peace River Campground
Canoe Safari


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