Ziplining in St. Cloud, FL


My first ziplining experience was in Mariposa, CA, just outside of Yosemite National Park. On that tour we went on progressively longer lines over the scenic hillside, whereas on this tour at Forever Florida we stayed in one location but experienced three very different lines: a Zipline roller coaster, a free fall, and a long ass side-by-side race. They call the package we chose the “thrill pack,” and it certainly was thrilling.

After checking in at the main lodge, a team takes you to the zip area. We saw cute cows along the way.

To start, we had to climb several flights of stairs to the top of the tower. The platforms for each zip begin at the tower. Climbing those stairs with our gear on in the sweltering heat was a feat in itself.

We started with the Rattlesnake Zipline Roller Coaster, the only one of its kind in the U.S. After pushing off the platform, you experience dips and swoops that lay your ass out. My crotch felt it on one big dip, where I suspended in the air for a moment then slammed and swooshed down. I felt like I almost went upside down on the final dip, then I slammed into the poor fella at the end catching me for dismount. 

Next was the free fall, the Panther Pounce. It seemed a little freaky at first and I enjoyed watching others pee pee in their shorts with fear. The drop is 68 feet. My current love interest and I both stepped backwards off of the platform for heightened exhilaration.

Last was the race, the Peregrine Plunge. Two people at a time zip side-by-side on a 1300ft line. They say you reach 30mph, but it felt faster than that at the start. 

We had a heck of a time and I would do it again. It all felt like it went by so fast. 


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