Exploring the Indian River & Coral Cove – Jupiter Island, FL 

Traveling along Beach Rd in Jupiter Island, there’s an area across  from Coral Cove Park where you can park on the side of the road and walk through the the mangroves to access the Indian River. There are people swimming, fishing, paddleboarding, and boating all along this strip. This is a great, free spot to park, cool off, and see some critters.

parking along Beach Rd

mangrove-lined pathway


The water is shallow enough to wade out quite a bit. We like to swim and float at high tide, then walk along the sand and trees to see what we can find at low tide. 


From here, we like to walk across the street to Coral Cove Park, which has a path leading to a beach with limestone formations along the shoreline. 

path from Beach Rd to the beach itself

I love to explore the tide pools and climb under and through the rocks. Kid at heart type of shit. 



This is a relaxing stretch that feels much less hectic than the hustle and bustle of the beaches further south. 


Coral Cove Park
The Indian River Lagoon


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