McKee Botanical Garden – Vero Beach, FL


An 18-acre oasis filled with native and tropical plants. Hot as the inside of a clenched butt cheek on a summer’s day, but a nice stroll through a lush garden with winding and weaving paths leading through a lush garden.

my current love interest leading the way


cafe near the entrance and gift shop

The brochure that you pick up upon entry has info for the interpretive trail, so of course we chose to follow the numbers along the map to learn about what the fuck we were looking at.

one of many winding pathways

interpreting the trail

We also took note of the dinosaur exhibits throughout the park that happened to be on display at the time. I’ve noticed that quite a few botanical gardens have these temporary exhibits featuring life-sized dinosaurs, which is pretty cool.

holy moly

The living art exhibit is several large towers all made from living plants. The intricacy is pretty dang impressive. The exhibit will be on display until Mother Nature wears it down to mulch.

While not as large as the Naples Bitanical Garden, this is a beautiful garden and worth a stroll. 


McKee Botanical Garden
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