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sea for yourself

My name is Cortney Warsh. My goal in creating this blog is to have an easily accessible format for sharing photos and information about the places I go. My life isn’t particularly extravagant and I don’t necessarily go anywhere exotic, but I do have a penchant for exploring. I like to spend as much time as possible checking out places that are close to home and are free or cheap. The biophilia hypothesis resonates with me and I endorse the idea that you don’t have to plan an elaborate trip in order to experience the outdoors, culture, or adventure.

I use map apps to look around and see where there are blobs of green or blue, then I look them up and go to them. I use the internet to read about parks, natural areas, animal sanctuaries, trails, museums, and anything else that could be new or interesting. I listen when people talk and research. I keep my eyes open while I travel and notice opportunities to experience nature. I enjoy taking pictures of these places to remember where I’ve been, to remind myself of useful tips about how to get there or things I liked about it, and to share this information with friends and family. I decided to start this blog so that I can easily reference these places and to have an organized place for collecting my pictures and ideas.

I’ve lived in NY, CA, FL, CA again, and now FL again. Most of my posts will be about central/northern California and south Florida since that’s where I spend the majority of my time, but I travel beyond those areas whenever possible. I welcome tips and suggestions about new places to see and things I may have missed in the places I’ve been. Instagram: akcortney7
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